Company's vision is to be a leader in the ship management industry, by promoting its safety culture and utilizing new technologies, consistent with its strategic goals and by realizing maximum efficiency through superior management. The Company's Vision statement is to be the leading Company of choice for global sea transportation of oil.


The Company is committed to provide world-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety and environmental requirements as well as, customers' expectations, and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects safety, human health, quality of the provided services, the environment and the property. The Company's Mission statement is to set the standards for safe and environmentally friendly sea transportation of goods with modern, technically advanced ships, crewed and operated by motivated, professional and well-trained seaborne and shore personnel.


ISM responsibilities extend throughout the organisation from the CEO downwards. Everyone is expected to take a personal and constructive role in the drive for efficient and effective operations. All personnel should be familiar and implement the Company's Policies and objectives. Policies are posted in prominent positions on board managed vessels and at the Company's premises and are reviewed annually and whenever necessary in order to ensure that they remain valid. All Company's activities ashore and on-board should be in line with our Policies and objectives.


The Management of Fratelli d'Amico Armatori is committed to take all reasonable precautions and measures, during the operation of managed vessels, in order to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to property. The Company's goal is to achieve ZERO incidents through continuous improvement. To fulfil these objectives, the management is committed to the following approach:

  • Compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and taking into consideration the Codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, Flag Administrations, Class Societies and Industry organizations, applicable to operations of managed vessels.
  • Adherence to the Safety Management System (SMS) by all Company's employees, including managed vessels, which promotes the concept of HSEQ excellence, continuous improvement and enhancement of personnel skills.
  • Assigning employees possessing sound skills and capabilities in required areas of responsibility, including adequate verification resources.
  • Defining the organization, responsibility, authority and interfacing of the various management functions within the frame of the SMS.
  • Providing for safe and environmentally sound practices in the operation of managed vessels.
  • Providing and maintaining a safe working environment on board to assist in preventing human injury and loss of life.
  • Providing the necessary training to ensure that Company's employees are capable of achieving safety and pollution prevention objectives in the work they perform.
  • Providing facilities, systems/equipment and a maintenance system that is suited for the purpose of achieving objectives.
  • Conducting management review meetings and management system audits.

This Policy has the full support of the Management and applies to all Company's employees.


Fratelli d'Amico Armatori endeavours to earn the confidence of the shipowners, charterers, seafarers and the marine industry and other interested parties and be recognized as a high quality, trustworthy international ship manager. This can only be achieved by providing flawless services that satisfy all relevant requirements. The Company shall always provide professional ship management services to owners and charterers, protect their interests and assets under its care, and fulfil all their expectations. The Company:

  • Is committed to always comply with all applicable legal and other requirements that relate to the pertinent hazards and to continually improve the effectiveness of its SMS.
  • Adopts a proactive approach concerning the needs of its clients and is responsive to their requests, suggestions or complaints, always trying to improve the value of its services.
  • Encourages employee teamwork, personal improvement, cooperation, innovative thinking, initiative, leadership, decisiveness and focus on client's needs and satisfaction.
  • Sets measurable and meaningful objectives and targets and reviews them when appropriate.

In order to objectively assess its performance, the Company:

  • Establishes criteria for the quality of its services.
  • Monitors, measures and analyses its objectives and targets for continual suitability to verify that processes are effectively implemented.
  • Identifies and manages the risks and opportunities of its services.

The SMS defines the methods used to achieve Company's Policies and the associated objectives and targets. Its implementation ensures that all applicable requirements related to managing ships will be satisfied, thus providing the necessary confidence between the Company and its customers. The Company's management considers its SMS as the basic tool for providing consistent and effective ship management service and improvement, provides sufficient resources and reviews it regularly to ensure its continuous suitability and effectiveness. The management commits itself in active implementation of the SMS and requires all involved personnel to do the same. Every suggestion for improvement will be given full attention and will be brought to the highest level of the management. All Company's employees, ashore and at sea, are expected to comply with this policy and work towards achieving Company's objectives. The success of the Company depends on the commitment and involvement of each individual employee. This policy is continuously reviewed for its suitability and is available to the public and the Company's customers and suppliers.


Fratelli d'Amico Armatori is committed through continuous efforts to improve its environmental performance in all areas required by the international regulations and laws and Company's SMS and "Environmental Analysis Manual" and to ensure:

  • Pollution prevention that emphasizes source reduction, including necessary funding and human resources, to effectively maintain the on board systems, equipment and components.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of its operations.
  • Continuous reduction of environmental risks.
  • Sharing information on environmental performance with external stakeholders.

The Company's goal is to achieve Zero spills or releases to the environment and reduction in permitted emissions through continuous improvement. For achieving this goal, the Company:

  • Complies with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements and applies responsible standards where laws, regulations and requirements do not exist.
  • Responds quickly and effectively to environmental incidents resulting from its operations, in co-operation with industry organizations and authorized government agencies.
  • Assesses all identified risks to the environment and establishes appropriate safeguards.
  • Shows concern and respect for the environment, emphasizes every employee's responsibility in environmental performance and fosters appropriate operating practices and training.
  • Undertakes appropriate reviews and evaluations of its operations to measure progress and to foster compliance with this Policy.
  • Conducts and supports research to improve understanding of the impact of its business on the environment, to improve methods of environmental protection and to enhance its capability to make operations compatible with the environment.
  • Manages its business with the goal of preventing environmental incidents and of controlling emissions and wastes to below harmful levels.
  • Designs, operates and maintains facilities to this end.
  • Shares its experience with others to facilitate improvements in industry performance.

This Policy has the full support of Management, is available to the public and applies to all Company's employees ashore and on board.



Carlo Galdo